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RepJesusposted Fri, 15 Feb, 2019

Ife Ajagbe - Get an insane Graphic Artist!

Your song's artwork can increase the chance that visitors to any website would click to listen even if they don't know you. It might be 'suicidal' for you to hide a great song under the shadow of a crappy artwork. 'Get a sane graphic artist' is the 4th episode of the, 'We Don't Like Your Song' podcast. When you send emails or CDs to Media personalities, your artwork can help you get their attention enough for them to bother listening to your song.
We Don't Like Your Song is a podcast for music artistes to know at least thirteen reasons their songs get little or no attention from Media Personalities (including Bloggers).Each episode lasts for only one minute and all the episodes have already been uploaded on Soundcloud. The host, Ife Ajagbe is a broadcaster who has worked with four radio stations (Zuma FM, Gold FM, Metro FM and Lagos Talks) in ten years and currently on the breakfast show, #KennisInTheMorning on Kennis FM 104.1. This podcast is genuinely born out of a passion for Nigerian artistes and the need for the upcoming acts to get the attention of the media space by getting the basics fixed. 
There are too many musicians competing for attention so the press kit, the song format, clean songs for radio,etc. are not issues that Media personalities want to have to worry about. Your opinion is important in case you think that some issues have not been touched.


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