DJ JaySmoke (RJE)posted Fri, 23 Apr, 2021

Pastor kicks Nazi Police out his Church ? I LOVE this


A good shepherd watches over and projects his flock against Nazis. I don't know why this video brings me so much joy.

I am waiting for the day a Mega Church Pastor will stand up to these evil men hiding behind the law to oppress Christians. The sad part is, you even have some church members who are being used by these evil system to oppress the children of God and to ensure that the agenda of the evil one is upheld in the HOUSE OF GOD. How sick is that?!

Truth is, Nose masks are bad for your health. You are suppose to breath in OXYGEN not your breath, that's basic biology. The longer you use the mask, the more you breath in your own breath, that's counteractive but you expect us to do that for hours during church service?! Praying, Praising, Worship, Talking ??‍?? and the Church leadership is ok with that? That's very irresponsible IMO.

It's about time the 'Church' come together and demand an end to this evil plot. It's dividing and weakening the church. It's just insane. How can't our leaders see this or they just don't care?

God bless men/women of God who actually take a stand for their sheep! Not those who sit behind cameras, saying things they don't believe and demanding money from poor naive members. 

Shalom ????


Yes very true! He was right about the warrant. As long as they dont have one, no one should be scared. Expecially when churches already have "restrictions" and all during this time, why not fill up your church with people and if you care, yes, let them sit with distance, but leave aways these masks. So many are anyways figthing about wearing one or not! Its just all a big moneymaking machine.
Ikr! What's with the mask? I was so relieve to see that he was yelling at them whilst not wearing his mask. I mean it's simple, if you are afraid of CoViD, you can do whatever you want, wear your mask and don't hug me. But why are you forcing me to wear it and not hug my friends and loved ones? It's so devilish! - DJ JaySmoke (RJE)
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