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Word of Godposted Wed, 18 Oct, 2023

The Volumes of Truth - Section 1 of 9: THE TRUMPET CALL OF GOD (From: The Last Trumpet Before The Time - Volume Seven) (-)

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"I have trumpeted the call to awake, yet who has heard My call? Who has given heed and walked according to the will of The Lord? Wicked and slothful generation, DEAF CHILDREN, you have forsaken Me! For you have filled this world with every kind of evil; behold, you have reached new heights in wickedness! Thus I must blot out the kingdoms of men! I must wipe them away and cast them from My sight forever!... Never again shall they arise! Never again shall the nations do evil in My sight! Never again shall they walk proudly, shaking their fists toward Heaven in their self-proclaimed glory! Never again shall they revel in all these perversions and practice all these abominations, seeking always to satisfy their ever-increasing lusts as they pursue evil gain! FOR I AM THE LORD, AND I HAVE SEEN IT!" Says The Lord

(*Please watch the video to see the WHOLE Letter)

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