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RepJesusposted a video, Wed, 10 Jan, 2024

Ep 3 - The Cult of TB Joshua - DISCIPLES: The Collapse - BBC Africa Eye documentary


Man of God? Or predatory cult leader? A ground-breaking investigation into the world famous televangelical preacher, TB Joshua, told by the people closest to him: his Disciples.

TB Joshua’s miracles have gained him global recognition, and hundreds of foreigners visit his church in Lagos every week, seeking healing. But when TB Joshua’s church guesthouse collapses, killing 116, people start to ask questions. This episode reveals the unheard story of that devastating day, told by first-hand witnesses inside the compound. And as his disciples try to escape his church, TB Joshua does all that he can to ensure his darkest secrets stay hidden.

The award-winning and critically-acclaimed BBC Africa Eye investigations team unravel a shocking journey into a maze of manipulation and terrifying atrocities – perpetrated by one of the most powerful religious figures of the 21st century. This new major investigation contains detailed first-person testimony and historical footage as the series delves into the experiences of those who were wooed by the world-famous pastor into his religious cult, only to suffer devastating consequences. Twelve survivors go on record, speaking out together for the first time.

Africa Eye brings you original, investigative journalism revealing secrets and rooting out injustice in the world’s most complex and exciting continent. Nothing stays hidden forever.


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