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RepJesusposted Tue, 14 Nov, 2017

B3ntino - OverBars


In this piece, spoken word poet and rapper B3ntino talks about the stereotypes built around artists who take a stance to solely compose godly music to spread the love of God abroad.


Yeah, Uh!
These stereotypes got me feeling like make I shun sef
Yeah, Tinothinz nogo disvim you, never
I go put this vim in you

They be like "Die Bentino/
The God figure you dey figure in your poems he be too long like a limo/
He is not a king no/
His beloved son could shine so bright but can't be them'a hero/

Switch Bentino/
To secular, the milky way
One hit p3 you're a star in the galaxy, note this Tino/
Your distin no heavy weight
Cargo zero point sometin kilos/


To anybody who told me these and even more people/
You really got me emo/
I took it to ma pillow/
Ma dreams told me yo! Tino/

Oh these stereotypes cancerous
But you be the wrong cell so no need for a chemo/
Hollup, you go tumour till they no fit hide Bentino/
Fly Bentino/

Uh, welcome to the street vibes/
Tell em Dapz, lifestyle for be lived right/
Me I get this, I get that, fit make your girl bla bla
No mehn that's a weak vibe/

Spirit on weak bars better recharge
Christ prepaid behind enemies' lines/
Read wide between lines/
Dying to self anyemi no be suicide/

Yeah. Hahaha!
Verbal Ink Movement
So far gone you can't reach us
Past mistakes best teachers teach us


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