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RepJesusposted Fri, 18 Sep, 2020

Too Deep (TDIGG) - Hindsight Freestyle (Music Video) @t_digg


Too Deep (aka TDIGG) releases an exclusive freestyle which addresses societal matters ongoing in the world at large and his motherland, Ghana. Currently, he's recording an album which is titled, "Through It All". Considering that it's been a decade since he released his first solo project (This Path I Chose), he feels the need to release an entire body of work with relevant content. The album is due for release later this year. Stay tuned!

El Chapo with the bars / I bring the gospel to your turfs / Still delivering, I ain’t playing, do I look like the Smurfs? / You see grace only saved a brother, I was cursed / His love is priceless, far beyond oceans depths / The law had sinners on death row, I was the first / Transparency is my strength / My kindness, my weakness / It’s dark within me, but am not living in darkness / HIS nature of human’s unlike us, HE is righteous / If you rate these bars and deem them stupendous / My motives are clearly farfetched, ignoramus / We were fouled, took a shot at Salvation, And 1 / You might win some, but you really might lose one / Lauryn Hill taught me that / Soul survivors of life, even when we fall flat / Lately I’ve been restless / Life’s getting reckless, the reason I rest less / Never stand and wait for props / Make your moves, take your shots / Such a pity, in da society, where I come from / Honesty overrated / Hypocrisy underrated / From almost selling grams and returning home to burying mumz / Suicidal thoughts, depression, rhetorical questions / Took a lot of Ls for choosing to be da bigger man / Had so much to prove, I almost became da bitter man / Decided to walk away, so I could live to fight another day / The battle was the LORD’s, victory was mine, any way / See my folks don’t get it / By any means I get it / Predestined for Greatness, we were born go getters / My past is history, inevitably regretted / Conditioned to fail, but clearly destined to win / We blazing the trail, Royal priesthood, next of kin / Been here for a while, I’ve seen many trends come and go / 10 years later, my content is still relevant / In music I was found, but in life I was lost / In ma Jil Sander Pumas, everyday I do this / Guess we self-made, so dem no dey want recruit us / Mama said focus, everything else is useless / Trust not in another man, dem be Judas / Our forefathers have failed us / Sold us to enslave us / Hiding their insecurities behind religion, when it betrayed us / Living a lie in misery / Accountable to history / I lost faith in humanity / We live in a fake society / Had a change of mind after watching Loretta Claiborne / Irrespective of creed and Colour, is how LOVE won / 2020 unravelled a mystery of iniquities / a Couple o’ dignitaries have been stripped off their dignity / Many Conspiracy theories enticing (Tyson) our Fury / De young tamed (Deyontay) Wilder now, so we going harder now / And ma people ain’t backing down Cos Black Lives Matter / Been denied privileges, a discussion of matter / Meanwhile in my motherland, elections’ approaching / All of a sudden, da COVID recovery rates are encroaching / It’s bothersome how we prioritize matters beyond our reach / Yet we turn a blind eye to matters within our reach / Everybody doing dirt under the cover of the full moon / Wait till the Son comes to blow our covers, real soon / For your information, Yo! this was in hindsight / Through it All, album pending, ready to take flight


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