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Andy Mineo Says Marriage Is Honorable Despite Conflicting Hip-Hop Message

News/Blog • Tue, 13 Sep, 2016 • Comment: 0

Reach Records rapper Andy Mineo slams hip-hop message against marriage as he and his wife celebrate their two year anniversary.

"Last week we celebrated 2 yrs of marriage. Ppl been saying it's gonna suck when the honeymoon phase is over! Well, I haven't experienced that yet. Of course there are growing pains, but they produce love, loyalty, trust & depth," he wrote in a Facebook post.

The young emcee went on to open up about the bond he and his wife, Christina, share with one another since becoming husband and wife.

"We trust each other with everything - Our bodies, our hearts, our lives. Without the risk of vulnerability there is no reward of love. In that love we know our relationship with God is our foundation. That gives us freedom to love each other and not be crushed by each other's flaws," Mineo continued.

The Uncomfortable rapper known for his Christian message went on to address the prevalent message in mainstream hip-hop music which discredits holy matrimony.

Mineo added, "Rap taught me [that] commitment & vulnerability with a woman is weakness. Loving God is for the lames."

Although he admitted being negatively influenced by rap music, the New York native says in his two years of marriage he now see the true value of his vow.

"Now I know it is far braver and honorable to pursue one heart than to use and break many. It's far harder to love God & do his will than it is to be self absorbed & love my own will. Here's to two years and many more," Mineo concluded.

Mineo married Christina in August of 2014 in a beautiful ceremony that included his label mates Lecrae, Tedashii and others in the Christian hip-hop community.

Mineo's statement echoed a note he wrote on social media shortly after he was married. His post then also provided solid counsel to other men. The 28-year-old started his speech by addressing single men who are afraid of taking the marriage vow.

"Fellas, if you find a good woman, don't be scared of commitment. It is good for you. It causes you to grow up and deal with your selfishness like nothing else," he maintained. "Commitment is hard when you are always looking for 'the perfect one'. Video vixens & movies make us believe there is such thing. No woman is perfect, but guess what? U have a crap load of issues too. You get to work on them together."

He then went on to talk to the married men and said what he thinks they should offer their spouses. "One of the greatest gifts u can give your spouse is knowing yourself. So when they call u out on your crap, ur not surprised by it, you can humbly receive it and grow," he ended.

Source: Christian Post

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