Annie Jonathan - No One (@biodunajanaku @iamwoleoni)

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The ebulient and vivacious Annie Jonathan takes centre stage with the premiere of her debut single titled - 'No One' - produced by the unrivalled human Faculty of Music - Ambassador Wole Oni.

The single - No One is a fusion of Reggae, Folk, Crunk, Lover's Rock and Soul - it keeps the listener in an enthralling suspense, particularly with the usage of compound time signature and an irresistible punch that makes your heart feel alive. 

There is a burst of freshness that the chorus introduces. The bridge marries African lyrics with western beats in a beautiful synergy. 

In her words, Annie shares - ''Every song is a story in a message and vice versa, either directed at God or at man. Therefore, in a tech savvy age and a time that people have insatiable appetite for direct communication and accurate expression of thoughts, No One comes explicit, yet laced with clear-cut fascinating imagery. Clearly revealing that crisp artistry experience is on display in the song.''

In totality, No One proclaims the unquestionable sovereignty of God.

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