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Perez Musik - Blema Tesaa Music Video (@perezmusik233)

TV/Video • Fri, 06 Sep, 2019 • Comment: 0

Perez Musik is a Ghanaian contemporary singer-song writer who comes from a background of secular music.  

His new joint titled "Blema Tesaa", has original Afro-pop compositions and strong instrumentation that backs up the track's vocal call-and-response structure. 

It is a song that one can easily sing along. It is a typical worship song in the “Ga” dialect and produced by Sponkeys.

“This song came to me via prayer when I was at the lowest point in my life. It was a place of addiction, brokenness and loneliness. At a point, I equated myself to the parable of the prodigal son. It was then that I understood the phrase; “It’s Possible".

It is possible to overcome addictions and depression. It is possible to have a fruitful walk with God and find comfort in Him.” - He said.

For Perez Musik, this song taught him about the forgiveness and liberty in God and his prayer is for it to bless all who listen to it.

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